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5 Top-Rated Atlassian Marketplace Apps You Might Not Know

Adam Ahmed

Mar 13, 2024


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Are you using Jira or Confluence? If the answer is yes, you are likely using at least one App from the Atlassian marketplace.

Marketplace apps are the Atlassian ecosystem's secret weapon. They enhance Confluence and Jira with any feature you can think of. Got advanced reporting requirements? Need to create technical architecture diagrams? Want to create a knowledge base? Or need advanced time-tracking? Atlassian apps have you covered.

Everyone has heard about the biggest apps in the Atlassian marketplace., ScriptRunner for Jira, or Tempo have tens of thousands of installs. And they are great.

But today we will take a look at some of the newcomers. Apps that haven't been around for a decade and are, relative to the big players, less known. So here they are, my top 5 newcomer apps that I use on a weekly basis and couldn't live without.

JXL - Sheets Hierarchy Structure Sum-up Time in status Table

JXL mixes "the power of Jira with the simplicity of spreadsheets". It's killer feature is the intuitive bulk editing of issues.

  1. Select a cell

  2. Hit copy

  3. Select one or more other cells

  4. Paste the value

That's how easy it is to bulk update tens or even hundreds of issues.

On top of that, JXL provides:

  • Custom hierarchies to organise your issues in any way you can think off.

  • Field sum-ups and progress bars for story points, time tracking etc.

  • Conditional formatting

  • Calculated fields like "time in status"

When I have to work through and organise a large number of issues, JXL is my go-to.

Released - AI Release Notes & Changelog Automation for Jira

Released helps you "create release notes straight from your Jira tickets".

We are using Released for our public and internal release notes. And it comes packed with a ton of features.

  • AI Copywriter (with GPT-4 support)

  • Templates

  • Automatic linking between issues and release notes

  • Custom themes

  • Publishing to Confluence, Slack or widgets you can embed in your website or app

  • Integrations: Scroll Viewport, Refined, Karma, Framer, Webflow and more

Released makes it super easy to write and publish updates. All you need to do is select the issues to include and the template to use. Released will AI generate a description for each issue and even add an into and a title. If you want, you can further edit the generated post, add some images or a video, and hit publish.

Writing release notes took hours before. With Released it takes minutes.

Karma - Confluence Page Builder (Content Formatting)

Karma enables you can "create engaging Confluence pages in seconds". Karma provides a powerful WYSIWYG page builder on top of Confluence. If you need a page in your Confluence site to stand out, Karma is the right tool for it.

We use Karma for key pages in product and marketing. When communicating, it's not only the words that count. It's also how it's shown.

Karma offers a ton of components to help you do that.

  • Cards to organize information

  • Buttons to link to other pages or external content

  • Spacers to help you Space out the content

  • Images, including an Unsplash integration

  • Embedding of content from Figma, Miro, Trello or even changelogs created with Released

If you want to make sure your content is memorable or you Team pages shows in the best light, give Karma a try.

didit - Checklists for Jira

The marketplace has no shortage of Checklist apps. But with didit you get "AI-Powered, Custom Templates, Subtasks, and Recurring Tasks".

Didit does all the basic well:

  • Templates

  • Notes and images

  • Recurring checklists

  • Access restriction

  • Jira automation integration

  • ... you name it.

But there are a few things we liked about didit that sets it apart, aside from being FREE.

If you're stuck creating a task checklist, try using didit's AI support. Whether you need a list of deployment steps or a post-incident checklist. Didit helps you overcome the blank page problem and gets you 80% there.

And for team members out in the field. Didit provides a native mobile app that allows them to review checklists for a task on the go.

If you need to add a bit more process in your organization, check out didit.

Mermaid Diagrams for Confluence

Mermaid diagrams, loved by engineering teams, work like markdown. You write them in plain text and they convert into visual diagrams.

We use Marmaid diagrams for architecture discussions or visualizing application flows.

And although the Mermaid app is unlikely to win an Apple design award, it does the basics well. Here are a few of the useful features it offers:

  • Smart templates (with ChatGPT support)

  • Fullscreen editor with preview window, so you know exactly what you get

  • Version history, to help you understand how your architecture has evolved over time

  • Confluence search integration, to ensure people can find the diagrams

  • PDF export, for easy sharing

Mermaid diagrams are essential for engineering teams. It's a must-have tool.


If you haven't done so already, browse around the Atlassian marketplace. There are a lot of gems hidden outside the "Spotlight" apps. And definitely check out our recommendations above. You won't regret it.

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Keep your customers engaged. With release notes created straight from your Jira tickets.

Keep your customers engaged. With release notes created straight from your Jira tickets.

Keep your customers engaged. With release notes created straight from your Jira tickets.