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The Surprising Benefits of Sharing Your Public Roadmap

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Jens Schumacher

Oct 31, 2023


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You’ve finally figured out your grand plan. You’ve set ambitious goals and know all the steps needed to achieve them. But should you keep that roadmap locked away as a secret? Not so fast. Sharing your roadmap publicly can be one of the smartest moves you make.

Surprised? Many people are hesitant to share their roadmaps, fearing others may copy them or hold them accountable if plans change. But the benefits of sharing far outweigh the risks.

What Is a Public Roadmap?

A public roadmap is a document that outlines your company’s plans and priorities over the next few months. There are a few benefits to publishing your roadmap for all to see:

  1. Builds trust and transparency. By being open about what you’re building and when customers can expect new features, you establish yourself as a transparent and trustworthy company.

  2. Manages expectations. A public roadmap helps ensure customers have realistic expectations about what you’re developing and when. This avoids confusion and disappointment down the line.

  3. Fosters a feedback loop. Releasing a roadmap opens the door for customers to provide feedback on what they need and want. You can then incorporate that into future roadmap planning.

  4. Attracts new customers. An ambitious, customer-centric roadmap can get prospective clients excited about what’s to come and prompt them to sign on.

  5. Keeps your team accountable. A public roadmap, especially one with specific target dates, helps keep your team on schedule. No one wants to have to explain to customers why a feature is delayed!

While sharing your roadmap does come with some risks, the benefits of building trust, managing expectations, and improving accountability often make it worth the effort. The key is to be as transparent as possible while still being willing to make changes as needed to meet customer needs.

Building Trust and Transparency With Customers

Sharing your public roadmap builds trust and transparency with your customers. By openly communicating your plans and priorities, customers know what to expect and feel like they have a say in the direction of your product or service.

Listening to Customer Feedback

Public roadmaps give customers a chance to provide feedback on what's important to them. You'll get valuable insights into what features or fixes would have the biggest impact. Then you can factor that into your planning and development schedule.

  • Respond to comments and have a genuine dialog. Let customers know you heard them and are taking their input seriously.

  • Look for common themes and requests. If several people are asking for something, it's probably worth prioritizing.

  • Be open to making changes based on the feedback. Customers will appreciate that you value their opinions.

Setting Realistic Expectations

A public roadmap helps set the right expectations with customers about what's coming and when. By being transparent about your timeline and potential roadblocks, customers stay informed and are less likely to be disappointed if deadlines shift.

  • Provide an estimated timeline for major milestones and releases.

  • Talk about months or quarters, rather than specific days. Be clear that dates may change.

  • Keep the roadmap updated regularly so customers always have the latest information.

Sharing your roadmap openly and honestly builds goodwill and loyalty. Customers appreciate being part of the journey!

Aligning Teams and Setting Clear Goals

Setting clear goals and aligning your team around them has significant benefits for any project or initiative.

Increased Focus

When the end goals are unambiguous, it’s much easier for everyone to focus their efforts and prioritize important tasks. Team members can decide what’s most impactful to work on without confusion or wasted effort. Publically sharing the roadmap and goals also allows others to spot any gaps or blockers early on.

With a shared understanding of the key milestones and targets, your team will be empowered to make decisions that actively move the project forward in the right direction. Questions about priorities or next steps are minimized since the roadmap acts as a reference point for the team. This focus and clarity around the goals often leads to increased productivity and faster progress.

Improved Collaboration

A public roadmap facilitates collaboration between all stakeholders and team members. When everyone can see how their work fits into the bigger picture, they can find natural connection points with colleagues and spot opportunities to work together. This visibility also makes it easier to identify and resolve any conflicts between interdependent tasks or parallel workstreams early.

Teams are able to have more constructive discussions around challenges, options for overcoming them and make compromises when needed to achieve the end goals. This truly collaborative environment, built on a shared understanding of objectives and timelines, leads to innovative solutions and higher quality outcomes.

In summary, sharing your roadmap and key milestones publicly results in a focused, collaborative team effort towards a common goal. The benefits of alignment and transparency are well worth the effort to define and communicate the plan.

Getting Valuable Feedback Early On

Sharing your public roadmap allows you to get valuable feedback early on in the process.

Early Feedback

When you share what you have planned for the future, your users and customers can provide input on what they need and want to see improved. This allows you to make any necessary changes or pivots before investing too much time and resources into a particular path. Their feedback helps ensure you're building something people actually want and will benefit from.

New Ideas

Your community may suggest innovative ideas or features you hadn’t previously considered. Some of their recommendations could significantly enhance your roadmap and the final product. Stay open to new possibilities from your users.

Sense of Involvement

By sharing your roadmap publicly, your community will feel more involved and invested in the development process. They can follow along with your progress and milestones, providing encouragement and support. This cultivates a sense of partnership in building the best solution.


Committing to a public roadmap also creates accountability. Your community will come to expect progress and updates, holding you responsible for achieving what you set out to accomplish. This additional motivation helps keep teams focused and priorities in check.

While sharing your roadmap does introduce some vulnerability, the benefits of gaining valuable insights, new ideas, community involvement and accountability ultimately outweigh the risks. Regular communication and transparency build trust and loyalty between companies and their users. A public roadmap is a win-win.

Driving Excitement and Engagement

Sharing your public roadmap has some exciting benefits. It builds anticipation and gives your community a glimpse into what’s to come.

Driving Excitement and Engagement

Letting others see what features or products you have planned ignites excitement. People will eagerly await new releases and updates. They’ll feel invested in the progress and development. This engagement and enthusiasm translates into a more active, loyal user base.

Sharing roadmaps also allows for feedback and input. Your community can weigh in on priorities or suggest new ideas. They may spot potential issues you haven’t considered. Crowdsourcing input leads to a better end result and a product that truly fits users’ needs.

Public roadmaps foster a spirit of transparency and trust between companies and their customers. People appreciate knowing what goes on behind the scenes and that there are no hidden agendas. This openness strengthens the relationship and loyalty between businesses and their user base.

While sharing too many details could lead competitors to copy your plans, a high-level roadmap with tentative timelines strikes a good balance. It gives the community a sense of direction and progress without revealing confidential strategies.

A public roadmap, when used effectively, is a win-win. Your users get insight and a chance to shape the future. And you get an energized, invested community and input to build even better products. Opening up about what’s ahead is well worth the effort.

What to avoid

When sharing your public roadmap, avoid some common mistakes:

Sharing specific timelines

Avoid sharing specific timelines in your public roadmap. While tempting to provide exact dates, plans change and delays occur. Focus on the general direction and progress, without revealing specific timelines.

Sharing too many details

While transparency is good, don’t share sensitive details that could help competitors or violate customer privacy. Only share what’s necessary for stakeholders to understand your high-level plans.

Forgetting your audience

Make sure the level of detail and technical concepts are appropriate for your audience. Explain any industry jargon. Your public roadmap should be easy to understand for customers, investors, partners and the general public.

Not updating frequently enough

Once you share your public roadmap, you’ve set the expectation for regular updates. Provide status updates at least once a quarter to build trust in your follow through. Explain any deviations from the original plan.

Promising too much

In your enthusiasm to share your vision, don’t make promises you can’t keep. Your public roadmap should outline an ambitious yet achievable path forward. It’s better to overdeliver than underdeliver.

Sharing your public roadmap is a great way to build trust and accountability with stakeholders. But do so carefully and avoid these common mistakes. With the right balance of transparency and discretion, a public roadmap can be a valuable strategic tool.


So there you have it - sharing your public roadmap has some surprising benefits for both yourself and your customers. By putting it all out there, you keep yourself accountable to actually achieving your goals and following through on your promises. Your customers will appreciate your transparency and see that you have a solid plan in place. They'll have more confidence in your abilities and be eager to support you along the way. While it may feel uncomfortable at first to be so open, the rewards of building trust and loyalty with your audience will make it worth it in the end. Go ahead and share your vision - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Keep your customers engaged. With release notes created straight from your Jira tickets.

Keep your customers engaged. With release notes created straight from your Jira tickets.

Keep your customers engaged. With release notes created straight from your Jira tickets.