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About Jira

Jira Software is a popular project management and issue tracking software developed by Atlassian. It is used by software development teams to plan, track, and manage their projects, tasks, and issues throughout the development process.


Atlassian acknowledges the significance of communicating product changes and has made efforts to create a comprehensive changelog encompassing updates from various Atlassian products. This changelog offers convenient filtering options by product, status, and type, allowing users to focus on the improvements that interest them.

One particularly beneficial feature is the "Coming soon" status, which provides early insight to administrators regarding upcoming changes. Additionally, users have the option to subscribe to updates on specific changes, receiving notifications when they become available to the general public.

While the frequent daily updates can be challenging to keep up with, Atlassian is planning to introduce a digest feature in the future to address this concern.

What we love

  • Changelog across all Atlassian products.

  • Filter options to only see relevant updates.

  • Communicates upcoming changes as well as generally available features.

  • The ability to subscribe to status changes for features.

Cross product

Atlassian nails it by providing a unified changelog for all its products. This centralized approach makes it a breeze for users to track updates across the entire suite without hopping from one product's page to another.

Filter options

No more sifting through a sea of updates. Atlassian's filter options let users zero in on the updates that matter most to them. It's all about personalizing the experience and saving time.

Upcoming changes

Transparency is key. Atlassian doesn't just stop at current updates; they give users a peek into the future. By communicating both upcoming changes and already available features, they ensure users are always in the loop.

Subscribe to status changes

Stay updated without the constant check-ins. Atlassian's subscription option for feature status changes means users get notifications the moment there's a shift. It's proactive communication at its best.

What we don't love

  • Each improvement is an individual entry, making it hard to scan the list.

  • Only a title, and no summary in the overview.

  • No digest available.

Individual improvements

Navigating Atlassian's updates can feel like a marathon. With each improvement listed separately, users can easily get lost in the details. A more consolidated view would make scanning quicker and more efficient.

No summaries

While titles give a hint, they don't tell the whole story. Atlassian's overview could benefit from brief summaries. A little context can go a long way in helping users understand the essence of an update without diving deep.

No digest

In the age of information overload, digests are a lifesaver. Atlassian's lack of a summarized version of updates means users have to invest more time to stay informed. A digest would offer a quick snapshot, making it easier for users to stay on top of things.


Get started with your release notes using the template provided below. The content serves as an example of the desired tone of voice, which you can adopt for your own notes.

Automation moving out of the issue view

Type: Improvement
Coming soon

Recent rule executions for each Jira issue are moving to a new Automation panel (similar to the Details and More fields panels).

Previously, this information was found by clicking on an option called "Automation" on the Jira issue view.

Keep your customers engaged. With release notes created straight from your Jira tickets.

Keep your customers engaged. With release notes created straight from your Jira tickets.

Keep your customers engaged. With release notes created straight from your Jira tickets.