7 Best Beamer Alternatives in 2023

Jens Schumacher

Aug 25, 2023


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Picture a tool that's packed to the brim with features that are sure to make your changelog management a breeze. From nifty push notifications to sophisticated analytics, Beamer offers a suite of capabilities that are both versatile and impactful. But do all these features make Beamer the best choice for your customer communication needs?

Why Look for Beamer Alternatives?

Beamer, while undoubtedly powerful, does come with a premium price tag. Think of it as the high-end restaurant of changelog solutions. Take, for instance, their Feedback & Emoji Reactions feature, a real crowd-pleaser. It's exclusively available within their Business plan, which comes in at $99 per month. And for those keen on Segmentation, that's an additional investment of $249 per month. Also, as you navigate through the platform, you might notice that some of those enticing features come with an upsell prompt – a gentle nudge towards expansion.

Beamer truly shines in several areas. Their feature lineup is a force to be reckoned with, encompassing dynamic push notifications and in-depth analytics that can truly transform your approach. The inclusion of Feedback & Emoji Reactions adds a layer of engagement that users appreciate. And if you're eager to delve even further into user insights, the option to integrate a paid NPS module provides an avenue for gathering invaluable feedback.

In the interest of a well-rounded perspective, let's talk about the aspects that warrant some consideration. While Beamer excels in features, the editing experience may occasionally evoke a sense of nostalgia for simpler times. However, premium features often come at a cost, and appearance settings, for instance, are part of that package. Additionally, be prepared for a moment's pause – Beamer's loading times can be a bit leisurely. Creatives might also find themselves slightly constrained, as customization of templates and pages is somewhat confined. Lastly, for those seeking tight integration with work management tools, Beamer's compatibility might need a boost.

Beamer clearly has it's drawbacks. It's important to acknowledge that no tool is perfect. The key is finding the perfect tool for you. Let's take a look at the top Beamer alternatives, each boasting their unique advantages and drawbacks. Empowering you to make an informed choice tailored to your particular situation.


The #1 choice for crafting and publishing release notes when you're using Jira.

Released emerges as a game-changing contender within the changelog tools arena, introducing an innovative method for handling release notes. This revolutionary tool streamlines the process of crafting release notes by intelligently extracting insights from Jira tickets and harnessing the power of AI. The integration with Jira is seamless, setting it apart as the swiftest and most user-friendly option featured here.

What sets Released apart is its role as an add-on for Atlassian's Jira, seamlessly weaving into its fabric to offer an array of advantages. While it undoubtedly simplifies procedures and elevates usability, it's worth noting that its reliance on Jira is a potential constraint.Pros:

  • Takes minutes to set up and is extremely easy to use.

  • Deep integration with Jira shows all product changes for easy access.

  • AI copywriter automatically generates release notes from Jira tickets.

  • Beautifully designed announcement pages and widgets.

  • Providing SSO and Enterprise Security even for small teams through Jira.


  • Requires Jira.

  • No feedback collection.

Released has a generous free tier for up to 10 users. Pricing starts at $0.90 / user /month with progressive discounts as the number of users grows. Try released today.


As a Beamer alternative, Canny is your go-to source for feedback management and seamless collaboration. Canny boasts a comprehensive lineup of functionalities designed to cater to most use-cases. Integrations, dynamic feedback boards, insightful roadmaps, illuminating changelogs, the convenience of SSO authentication, custom domain support, and support for webhooks for integrations.

Another huge drawback is Canny's customizability. All Canny sites tend to look the same with very little room to deeply integrate it into your websites brand experience. And despite the enterprise price tag, businesses with a large volume of data find it difficult to use.


  • Lots of integrations

  • Feedback boards, roadmaps, and changelogs

  • SSO authentication

  • Custom domain

  • Webhooks


  • Expensive pricing - paid plans start at $400/month

  • "Powered by Canny" branding can only be removed on the business plan for extra $

  • No custom CSS

  • Poor UX

  • No dark mode

  • Customers complain about not being listened to

Canny has a free plan that's great for small teams just starting up. However, their paid plans start at $400/month!


Meet Headway, a trailblazer in the world of changelog tools right from the get-go. This champ rolls out a no-nonsense updates page coupled with a single widget, simplifying your communication game. Unveiling a suite of must-haves like custom branding, scheduled posting, nifty integrations, and seamless team management.

Headway is a Beamer alternative built with small startups and tech companies in mind – the ones who appreciate the elegance of simplicity in user communication. Yet, let's shine a light on Headway's quirks. Wrangling its appearance is a tad like choosing from a limited wardrobe, and advanced features like segmentation and feedback might just be sitting this one out. Additionally, Headway's language fluency is a bit limited, like it's still mastering its vocabulary.


  • One of the first Changelog tools in the market.

  • Provides the basics like custom branding, scheduled posting, integrations, team management, and private feeds.

  • Simple Pricing


  • The last major update was released in 2021.

  • Limited control over the updates page's appearance.

  • A less technical audience might find the markdown editing experience daunting.

  • No integration with work management solutions.

Headway has a free plan and a Pro plan priced at $29 / month.

The trusted ally for those on the hunt for a classic Beamer alternative. It's like finding comfort in a familiar old book, especially for the more tech-savvy folks. This tool hands them the reins with powerful theming options, though it does call for a bit of coding prowess.

Now, let's focus our magnifying glass on a shiny feature in ReleaseNotes' treasure trove – the Global bucket. This nifty space is a developer's dream, where drafts and notes find a cozy home.. Imagine this: developers jotting down those pesky bug fixes that they might otherwise overlook in the hustle and bustle of a month. It's like building bridges for better communication within those tight-knit developer squads.

But, as we venture further, a caveat arises. The editing experience in Product Release Notes Software & Changelog Tool seems to stumble a bit. Although the team made improvements in recent months, it's still a far cry from the top of the crop. Think of it like maneuvering through a room with odd furniture placement – image handling can be a tad awkward, text boxes are like cozy corners you can barely stretch out in, and the overall UI could use a spruce-up.


  • Powerful theming options for technical users.

  • Notes bucket Convenient for storing drafts and tracking changes (although it's now deprecated).


  • The #1 complaint from users is about the poor editing experience.

  • Lack of control over how images are handled in content.

  • Integrations, Reactions, or CSS customization is only available in the highest tier plan.

  • Limited integration with work management solutions.

The pricing for ReleaseNotes is a mix of base fees and subscribers. Starting at $29.00 / month + $10 / month per 1,000 subscribers for the Standard tier. A free option is available with a maximum of 5 releases.


The dependable companion in the realm of changelog services. AnnounceKit blends reliability with user-friendliness.

One of AnnounceKit's highlights – the effortless setup. Imagine a path paved with ease, ensuring you're up and running without a hitch. AnnounceKit's in-product widgets take center stage, not only offering a playground of customization options but also embracing multiple languages with open arms.

Similar to our companion Beamer, there's a pattern here – some of the more advanced features and integrations might feel a bit exclusive, tucked away in the upper echelons of pricing. For small teams mindful of budgets, this might necessitate some creative maneuvering.


  • Reliable and user-friendly changelog service.

  • Easy setup process.

  • Customizable in-product widgets with plenty of options.

  • Supports multiple languages.

  • The recent addition of basic AI features to the editor.


  • Advanced features and integrations are limited to higher-priced plans, potentially restricting users to lower-tier pricing plans with budget constraints.

  • AI integration feels like an afterthought.

  • Limited integration with work management solutions.

Pricing starts at $79 / month for the Essential plan and Enterprise starts at $599.


Considering an all-encompassing solution for your product management needs? Give ProductBoard a serious look.

On the bright side, ProductBoard boasts an elegantly straightforward interface, seamless integration with various project management and customer support tools, and robust reporting capabilities. The downside, however, is that the price tag might feel a tad hefty, particularly for larger teams. Furthermore, if your primary goal is enhancing customer communication, ProductBoard's complexity might not align perfectly. Still, for dedicated product managers, the investment might hold considerable value.

With its potent toolkit for gathering insights, prioritizing requests, and sharing roadmaps, ProductBoard positions itself as the quintessential product management tool. If Beamer didn't quite cut it and other options overwhelmed you with complexity, ProductBoard could be the elusive "just right" fit for your product squad.


  • Powerful feature set for gathering feedback from various sources in one place

  • Intuitive interface is approachable for a wide range of team members

  • Integrates with many common project management and customer service tools

  • Robust reporting helps track progress and ROI

  • Roadmapping capability aids in transparent product planning


  • Higher pricing than some alternatives, especially for larger deployments

  • Steeper learning curve than more focused tools

  • Frequent complaints about Search and finding information.


Nolt steps onto the stage as a straightforward yet potent tool designed for the art of gathering and streamlining customer feedback. With its user-friendly framework, Nolt allows for the creation of personalized feedback boards, where users can contribute ideas and cast their votes.

If your pursuit centers on a simplified approach focused squarely on amassing and prioritizing customer input, Nolt emerges as a commendable option – a credible alternative to Beamer.


  • Users can easily submit feedback anonymously which may encourage more honest feedback

  • Feedback boards provide a transparent way to showcase the feedback process and priorities to users


  • No built-in project management capabilities beyond feedback

  • Limited collaboration tools for discussing feedback within teams


And there you have it – a selection of 7 impressive alternatives to Beamer, waiting to be explored. Whether you're on the hunt for a straightforward method to gather customer feedback or aiming for a comprehensive enterprise-level product experience management platform, the possibilities abound. There's no need to feel tied down to any one tool; your focus should be on employing what aligns perfectly with your requirements and budget.

Ultimately, what truly counts is your proactive engagement with customers and ensuring you keep them informed and excited about your product. If Beamer isn't hitting the mark anymore, there's no need to stick around. Seek out a solution that propels you toward that objective. Your commitment to delivering an exceptional experience, both for yourself and your users, deserves nothing less.

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straight from Jira

straight from Jira

Keep your customers engaged. With release notes created straight from your Jira tickets.

Keep your customers engaged. With release notes created straight from your Jira tickets.

Keep your customers engaged. With release notes created straight from your Jira tickets.