Notion Release Notes

Notion Release Notes





About Notion

Notion is a productivity platform that merges note-taking, task management, wikis, and databases into one unified workspace. It enables individuals and teams to organize, collaborate, and customize their work environment using flexible templates and tools.


Notion takes a blog style approach to their release notes. Descriptions are extremely brief, with links to the documentation providing more detail on each feature.

What we love

  • Short and to the point descriptions

  • Image visually showing the improvement

  • "Learn more" link to the documentation for details

  • Small improvements and hints

Short descriptions

Notion's got no time for fluff, and neither do we. They serve up the essentials, crisp and clear. It's like getting the main course without having to wade through the appetizers.


A picture's worth a thousand words, right? Notion seems to think so. Their visuals give you the gist without the guesswork. That's part of the reason why they can afford to skip lengthy descriptions.

"Learn more" link

Curious minds want more, and Notion's got the backdoor. That "Learn more" link? It's your ticket to the deep dive. No more hunting; it's all there, one click away.


It's the small touches that often make the biggest difference. Notion knows that. Those tiny tweaks and nudges? They're like a friend whispering just the right advice at the right moment. Those small productivity hints are subtle, but so valuable.

What we don't love

  • Lack of categories

  • No way to subscribe or be notified

Lack of categories

What might have worked when Notion was a small startup, is slowly running out of steam. With a more complex product, users might be looking for new features in specific areas. Clear categories would be the compass, guiding us to the information we seek.

No notifications

It would be fantastic to find out when something new comes out. But with Notion, it's a bit too quiet. A nudge here and there would keep us in the loop and on our toes.

Fun fact

Similar to Airtable's release notes, Notion used to publish their release notes with Notion itself. You can still find the archive here: But it appears tighter integration into their website and more control over the layout made them switch to the current format.


Get started with your release notes using the template provided below. The content serves as an example of the desired tone of voice, which you can adopt for your own notes.

Keep your customers engaged. With release notes created straight from your Jira tickets.

Keep your customers engaged. With release notes created straight from your Jira tickets.

Keep your customers engaged. With release notes created straight from your Jira tickets.